Our Purpose

The primary purpose of the Leon Springs Trail Foundation is to build a ten foot wide reinforced concrete trail from The Concept Therapy Institute east to the intersection of Boerne Stage Road and Interstate 10.  This is a distance of approximately 2.7 miles.

The trail will follow Leon Creek and be on the south side of the creek and north of Boerne Stage Road.  In a few cases, briefly crossing the creek directly on the bedrock (no bridges) to the north side may be required.

The principal reason for the project is to provide a means for safe, pleasant and effective exercise, improve the overall appearance of the road, improve property values, connect the Leon Springs community, and reduce the number of bicycles and hikers that use Boerne Stage Road.  This is very dangerous for them because, on the marked bike path, there are very narrow sections and pot holes that could throw the biker or hiker into the heavy vehicle traffic.

Furthermore, the trees in this region, as they now exist, amount to an overgrown jungle.  Adding the trail will help solve that problem.

When complete, we plan to transfer ownership to the City of San Antonio.  San Antonio already has an extensive system of trails.  This trail will meet the San Antonio specifications and the rules of operation will be the same.  Use is limited to bicycles and hikers from sunrise to sunset.

Our ultimate goal is to connect this section of trail with the whole San Antonio system now under construction and being expanded to the area of The Rim Shopping Center.  When connected, hikers/bikers could travel many miles from Leon Springs to various widespread regions in San Antonio without any traffic lights, no danger from crossing busy highways, and in a very pleasant, cool, shaded environment.

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